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Friday, February 19, 2010

SCOOTER Store Donates Scooters to North Dakota AMVETS

Yesterday, the SCOOTER Store donated two new Go-Go scooters to AMVETS Post No. 4 in Jamestown, N.D., to assist veterans visiting the local Flags Across America site, featuring one of the nation's most prominent veterans' memorials and a tribute to North Dakota's Medal of Honor recipients.

J.A. Carlascio, a member of AMVETS Post No. 4 and a WWII veteran, sent a letter to the SCOOTER Store earlier this year, asking for assistance for veterans who were unable to visit the memorial due to mobility restrictions and service-connected conditions.

SCOOTER Store made the donation to AMVETS as part of their Gift of Mobility program, which provides mobility equipment to those who do not have the financial resources for their own powered wheelchairs and scooters.

"Mr. Carlascio and his fellow veterans proudly served this country during World War II; the least we can do now is serve them," said Doug Harrison, CEO of the SCOOTER Store. "We started the Gift of Mobility program because we understand that mobility and the ensuing independence is fundamental to the freedom these veterans helped us keep. We hope the scooters remind the veterans how much their service is appreciated."

Since its inception in 2002, the SCOOTER Store Gift of Mobility Program has provided more than $350,000-worth of wheelchairs and scooters each year to individuals and community organizations to assist those with limited mobility.

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