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Friday, January 7, 2011

No COLA Increase for 2011

Veterans receiving service-connected compensation for 2011 may have noticed that their checks remained the same after the New Year. For the second straight year, veterans' cost-of-living allowances, or COLA, will not increase. To read VA's official announcement, Click Here.

By law, COLA increased are tied to increased in Social Security, which can only increase when the consumer price index increases. In 2009, the consumer price index dropped so lawmakers decided to keep Social Security rates at the same level.

Earlier this year a malicious hoax surfaced purporting that COLA rates would nearly double, which AMVETS quickly rebuked.

American Veteran received multiple inquiries into the actual rates for 2011, which were not publicized until late last week, confirming fears that the rate would once again remain the same.

AMVETS leaders consistently advocate for increases in benefits for service-connected disabled veterans tied to the consumer price index. However, down the road AMVETS leaders may push for consistent increases, particularly during difficult economic times.

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  1. Veteran need a raise, because many of us are on foodstamps and barely making it. This is ridiculous, because the higher ups get a raise (elected leaders) and they don't so shit. It is not fair for us Veterans to be suffering this way, especially when the cost of food/living has gone up. I have two smallr kids and I gotta go file for foodstamps. What is wrong with that picture? We serve our country that is the least they can do, is give us a raise

  2. We have, for a long time, known that our politicians, both elected and appointed, have been given to lip service when it comes to veterans and their benefits. They, the politicians, think that veterans are mindless uneducated fools who believe all that is comes out visually and in print. The reality is most of us believe none of what we hear and only half of what we see and judge only on results. I cite the conditions found at Walter Reed and James Haley VA Medical Centers in recent years. It took a blow up in the press for change to come about and not the inspections my government officials.