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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Keeping Posted Online: Wisconsin Auxiliary Collects Movies for Troops

This holiday season, AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary from Post 50 in Phillips, Wis., collected nearly 100 DVDs to send to troops serving overseas as part of AMVETS Task Force DVD.

AMVETS Department of Wisconsin then collected the donations from Post 50 and other posts around the state during the state executive committee meeting in Waupaca in order to deliver the DVDs to troops serving in the combat zone in time for Christmas.

AMVETS Task Force DVD is the national ongoing DVD and digital media donation program that provides entertainment to American troops serving overseas free of charge.

AMVETS Task Force DVD is managed by the AMVETS Department of Ohio, which boxes and ships movies to requesting units across the globe. Troops who wish to request DVDs can contact AMVETS National Programs Department directly at the following email address,, with their complete military mailing address, including name and APO.

To date, millions of hours of entertainment have been sent overseas.

AMVETS National Headquarters accepts all cash donations to defer shipping costs and DVD donations can be made directly to AMVETS Task Force DVD at the following address:

1395 E. Dublin Granville Road #222
Columbus, OH 43229

To learn more about AMVETS Task Force DVD, Click Here.

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