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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans

Yesterday, the nation recognized the sacrifices of all Vietnam veterans with Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day.

The Senate passed a resolution on March 7, declaring March 30 "Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day," and organizations around the country, including AMVETS, hosted events throughout the week to honor those who served in Southeast Asia during the conflict.

In California, Irwindale AMVETS Post 113 also worked closely with local Vietnam veteran Jose Ramos to support his Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans, Inc., which hosted its "Welcome Home" ceremony on Sunday, March 27. To learn more about Ramos' work, Click Here.

To read about Post 113's support to the event, Click Here.

In Vinton, Iowa, AMVETS Post 218 helped to organize their local "Welcome Home" cermony and AMVET Denny Miller spoke at the event. To read about AMVETS' support organizing the ceremony, Click Here. To read highlights from the event, Click Here.

If your post or department has highlights from a Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day ceremony that you would like to share with American Veteran, please send digital photos and details to for possible publication on this blog and the print edition of the magazine.

March 30, 1973 was the last day marking the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Vietnam. However, an ungrateful American public chose not to delineate politics of the day from the brave American men and women tasked with fighting the war.

American service members were greeted with hostility and disdain by the very country they had sworn to protect and defend.

In nearly 30 years since the conflict officially ended, groups like AMVETS have consistently sought out ways to right the tremendous injustices done to America's Vietnam veterans.

The Senate's resolution honoring the sacrifices of the Vietnam generation was the latest step in ensuring that all American war heroes receive the honor and recognition they have earned.

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  1. Hey thanks for posting this. I have been reading this post and some of your previous writings too. I thank you for putting together this website.

    I am a veteran of the war in Afghanistan and I have recently built my own website that is dedicated towards helping veterans with emotional problems and other disabilities. If you have any ideas or articles that you can contribute that would be great.

    Veteran's Blog and Guide to PTSD, disability, and TBI

  2. Thank you John. Maybe we can crosspost!