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Friday, July 8, 2011


Erick and Monica Barfield, both military veterans riding bicycles across the country for AMVETS and to raise awareness of the nation's homeless and disabled veterans, have embarked on a 4,500 mile journey to champion their cause.

U.S. Army veteran Monica and Coast Guard veteran Eric left their home state Florida on Feb. 15 and plan on arriving in San Diego in February 2012. They are traveling with their 5-year-old Jack Russell terrier, Lily. They have been supporting their trip through private donations. They said the purpose for their AMVETS ride is raising awareness of and donations for homeless and disabled veterans.

The two from Plant City, Fla., met while both were at an avionics seminar regarding Army Blackhawk and Coast Guard Jayhawk helicopters at Fort Campbell, Ky., Monica’s base. She specialized in aviation supply and served two tours in Iraq during five years in the Army. He responded with the Coast Guard after the World Trade Center attacks, and he was wounded in a drug raid between Cuba and south Florida.

According to the couple's official Biking Across America for Homeless and Disabled Veterans Facebook page, the couple plans to help educate others about the struggles veterans face when trying to receive the healthcare they need and deserve, take part in fundraising to help get some veterans "off the streets," and make donations to AMVETS, which supports their efforts.

Currently, the Barfields are heading toward Cheyenne, Wyo., and will stop at AMVETS Post 10.

The Barfields are Members at Large in Florida.

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