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Friday, August 12, 2011

Brigadier General David Smalley, Deputy Commanding General for Professional Services, U.S. Army 807th Medical Command, Addresses AMVETS Convention

Brig. Gen. David Smalley spoke Aug. 11 at the AMVETS National Convention in St. Louis, Mo. Smalley is the Deputy Commanding General for Professional Services, U.S. Army 807th Medical Command (Deployment Support).

Smalley shared information about a few of the United States Army Reserve’s Family Support Programs and Communities, designed to meet the changing needs of a new generation of veterans. Veterans are an invaluable part of the Army Reserve and of our nation’s workforce, and it is essential that we continue to make strides in bettering their transition between active duty and retired status.

Army Reserve Family Programs provide a range of education and training benefits, outreach and referral services, as well as informational resources to support our geographically dispersed Soldiers, veterans and families. He spoke about the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program, the Army Strong Bonds Program and the Army Strong Community Center (ASCC). In addition, he discussed how the Army Reserve is working with the private sector as part of the Employer Partnership Program.

If you’ve participated in any of these programs, please visit and let the Army Reserve know about your experience. Please feel free to submit a comment, tell your story and spread the word. By working together, we can and will ensure that the Army Reserve continues to be a positive investment for our Soldiers, our nation and especially our veterans.

As one of the nation’s largest veteran service organizations, AMVETS members include more than 180,000 active duty service men and women and honorably discharged veterans from all of the armed services, including Reserve and National Guard. The annual convention, which attracts state and national leaders and key influencers from across the country, offers an ideal backdrop for learning and engagement around ways to improve the quality of life for Soldiers, veterans and their families.

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