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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Sept. 6, 2011 - Rabbi Simeon Kobrinetz, an Air Force veteran, Past National Chaplain and former director of the Veteran Affairs Chaplain Service, passed away only weeks before the dedication ceremony of the Jewish Chaplain's Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery Monday, Oct. 24.

Rabbi Kobrinetz was the first Jewish Chaplain in the Air Force to reach the rank of brigadier general, and he was the first and only Jewish National Chaplain to serve AMVETS. He was National Chaplain in 1977-1978.

Kobrinetz was instrumental in planning the dedication of the Jewish Chaplains Memorial. He is the third rabbi in history to be buried on Chaplain's Hill.

All who knew Rabbi Kobrinetz felt he was a dedicated man, who loved veterans.

This year marks the 150th year of Jewish Chaplains in service to the U.S. Military.

Rabbi Kobrinetz is survived by his wife, Beverly Kobrinetz, his children Nina (Alex) Multak, David (Nancy) Kobrinetz and Alisa (Scott) Chernack; and his sister Rita Bassett. He was the loving grandfather of Ariel, Ilana and Benjamin Multak, Shayna Kobrinetz and Daniel and Jared Chernack.

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