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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This Week at American Veteran

The staff at American Veteran is putting the final touches on the Summer 2012 magazine. Members and subscribers should be receiving copies the second week of July.

This week at American Veteran Online, we will be examining resources that are available for veterans and service members with post-traumatic stress disorder. Tomorrow, Wednesday, June 27, is National PTSD Awareness Day.  This is the third year of recognizing June 27 as a day of promoting discussions about this condition that affects many military personnel.

American Veteran will also be present at the Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony Parade held in honor of the Montford Point Marines at the Marine Corps Barracks in Washington, D.C. The ceremony and parade will be taking place on Thursday, June 28.

As we all work hard to perfect the Summer 2012 edition of American Veteran magazine, we hope you are enjoying the summer. As always, we’re eager to hear what you think. Please feel free to share your veterans’ news and comments with the editorial staff of American Veteran.

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