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Friday, November 9, 2012

New Patriotic Video Celebrates Veterans

This Sunday, Nov. 11, 2012, we celebrate Veterans Day and recognize many of the men and women who often are ignored and forgotten. Through parades, celebrations, free dinners at local restaurants and wreath presentations at veteran monuments, veterans are honored and their sacrifices and dedication to our country are highlighted.

Dominique and Donelle Hargrove of Richmond, Va., are joining with thousands of people this weekend to thank veterans from all eras and ensure their contributions to our country are not forgotten. One of the hottest, up and coming Christian gospel acts, the Hargrove brothers have created a new music video to honor everyone who has worn the uniform, including first responders, police officers, and firefighters. Known as Da Twins, the two Virginia residents hope to spread their message of appreciating all who serve our country and encourage people of all ages to thank local service members.

Both men recognize that often the sacrifices of military men and women and their families go unnoticed after they return home from war and attempt to reintegrate into civilian society. By creating a song and video specifically tailored to honor service members, Da Twins hope to support veterans, veteran groups like AMVETS, and their families.

This Veterans Day, AMVETS will be present at various ceremonies in the Washington, D.C., area. Today and every day, we thank you for your service as a member of our Armed Forces and will continue to fight for your benefits and rights as a military veteran.

To view their video, titled “1 Nation,” click here.

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  1. The honor and patriotism of this Hargrove song speaks loud and clear. I especially like all the different people shown in the video standing together and saluting as one nation. Since today's Veterans Day, another way to remember our veterans is to learn about them: the VVA and Pick Up Please created an infographic with a ton of meaningful facts about veterans. Check it out at

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