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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Logo Unveiled for 21st Century Veterans Symposium

This morning, AMVETS National Headquarters unveiled the logo for this summer's symposium on the needs of 21st Century Veterans, which will take place during the 65th annual AMVETS National Convention in New Orleans this August. Details of this summer's meeting are still being hammered out as headquarters continues to muster support for the event.

In the coming weeks, distinguished subject-matter experts and leaders will receive their invitations, as departments ramp up their recruitment efforts for participants.

The 2009 AMVETS Symposium for 21st Century Veterans will be a follow-on to AMVETS' 2006 National Symposium on the Needs of Young Veterans. The 2009 symposium will address dozens of the issues raised in 2006, identifying problems-solved and shortcomings. Symposium participants will also discuss new issues that may have arisen over the last three years, compiling a new report to guide the work of AMVETS in meeting the needs of our latest generation of combat veterans.

As convention draws closer, more information will be available online. In the meantime, check in with American Veteran Online for updates on the symposium.

To view the report from AMVETS' 2006 National Symposium on the Needs of Young Veterans, Click Here.

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