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Friday, September 4, 2009

Post-9/11G.I. Bill Update: More payment issues

This morning, AMVETS took part in another discussion with the Veterans Benefits Administration to discuss issues with the Post-9/11 G.I. Bill and widespread reports of missing payments and possible disenrollment of veterans.

AMVETS leaders who participated in the conversation said they were confused by the lack of information available from VBA on schools that had received payments and a hard number on outstanding Chapter 33 benefits claims.

Last week, AMVETS raised questions about the VBA's weekly report, which showed more than 236,000 education claims that still required action by the VA. At the time, VA explained that the alarming number did not represent the actual number of veterans that would experience delays in payment.

However, since Sept. 1, AMVETS and other leading veterans' organizations have heard reports from colleges and universities around the country of missing payments for both veterans and schools, with some schools threatening to disenroll veterans or charge late fees for outstanding bills.

The editor of American Veteran magazine, Isaac Pacheco, filed his claim for Chapter 33 benefits on May 1 for graduate classes this fall. However, as of this morning's call, Pacheco's book stipend remains MIA.

AMVETS wants to hear from veterans who are experiencing problems with their Chapter 33 G.I. Bill benefits particularly if:

- You did not receive your first month's living stipend for class time in August.

- Your school has not received your tuition payment for fall classes.

- You did not receive your book stipend for the academic year as of Aug. 3.

- You did not receive a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) from VA and applied for benefits before Aug. 1, 2009.

-Your school is threatening disenrollment or late fees for missed payments.

If you meet any of these criteria above, please comment here on this blog, or contact AMVETS National Headquarters.

AMVETS will continue to look for a solution to these issues in an effort to stave off financial hardship and potential disenrollment, and American Veteran Online will continue to monitor this situation in the coming days.


  1. I have not been paid for my first month yet. I've looked at my WAVE page and it says that my enrollment certification was submitted on Aug 10th. When I called the VA this morning, the woman I spoke with told me that I should be getting paid within 4-6 weeks from the time my enrollment claim was submitted. I am expecting an 8 week delay. At least my school (Las Positas College, Ca) is very understanding and they have made arrangements for veterans here. Unfortunately, my landlord/At&T/water/power/cable providers have yet to see the light. I could always point them in the direction of the VA?

  2. @Kevin,
    Your situation is not unique, and that's the reason we're holding the VA accountable right now. Schools may be understanding (though some are not), but the landlord certainly won't be. Please keep us up-to-date on your situation.

    -Isaac Pacheco

  3. Hello. My son is still awaiting his certificate to present to the school. It has already been over six weeks since the paper work was sent in, end of July. My son was disenrolled from his classes and had to re enroll and pay in order to get back in. He has had to pay for his books and supplies. The school has not received any payments.

  4. I have not received my living stipend or my book stipend yet. My tuition bill is paid for in full for this semester but I believe that my university just credited my account because they know the VA money is going to be late. I work full time and go to school full time so money is not an issue as of yet for me but i know a lot of veterans were counting on that stipend money to help pay rent and bills. Hopefully this will all work out for every veteran in the coming months. I am still confused about the WAVE system. I know tuition is paid directly to the school and the stipend comes to the veteran. Are we supposed to use the WAVE system to get our living stipend each month like we did with the old GI Bill?

  5. I started school on August 21. I haven't recieved nothing. The Va says it will take 6 more weeks to process. I am like hurry up and wait all over again, but like the person said above me. Thank god I got a job to help while I go to school. I just want answers to the questions I have. Not the run around.

  6. On Saturday, Sept. 12 we received an anonymous comment about disenrollment. AMVETS would really like to get to the bottom of it. If you would like to discuss, please contact me directly.

  7. Why is it that I only get a certain percentage to go to school when I gave up 18 months of my life and paid for the GI Bill? I think anyone who served should be entitle to the full amount just like anyone else

  8. I have not received my payment. I was told that they received my school ceritfication on July 30th, however, I have not seen a payment for my stipend and book fees as of today. I contacted a counselor who informed me that it takes 4-6 weeks, when I told her that time has passed, she told me that they are behind and she could not tell me when payment will go out. I started school on 17 August. You van contact me at

  9. I am having a similar issue. I certified on August 24, and have yet to receive anything. I had to take a loan in order to keep my classes.I talked to the VA who told me 6-8 weeks (which has passed). Is there anyone we can complain to?

  10. I have not received my living expences for August, my book stipend, or Tuition payments. Everytime I talk to someone at the VA, they tell me someone has been assigned to my paper work and I should expect payment at anytime...this has been going on since at least Sep. 7th. Now I'm $300 overdraft on my bank account and have no money for rent, bills, food, ect... I guess I take comfort in the fact that I'm not the only one not getting payments.

  11. Now they are offering an advance. The thing is in order for me to get the check I have to travel 3 hours or more to get it. I don't understand this.

  12. I been in school since May and I applied for chapter 33 in May, got my verification letter in June and the VA already knew the institution that I am going to. I dont see how my schol has not recieved a payment yet.

  13. I still have yet to receive any payment from the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill. I call the 1-888 number to the education department of VA and been told I should expect payment within six weeks. My paperwork was submitted once on July 29, 2009, again on August 20, 2009 (both of those dates to prove I was enrolled into Summer 2009 quarter) and August 21, 2009 (to prove I was enrolled into Fall 2009 quarter)! Let's just say I was forced to pay full tuition, fees and books for both Summer 2009 and Fall 2009 here at my college in Washington state. Paying for daycare for three children under the age of 2, going through marital problems, and a lot of stuff, unluckily, I had to drop out because bills were mounting up from me going to college full-time. This caused me to go in the hole with my bank. I don't even know if I'd get paid back all the tuition, books and fees I paid, because I haven't received any stipend anything and this is week 8! I'm tired of calling and emailing VA daily to get a different answer every time, this just makes me regret ever changing my GI BILL to Chapter 33. My college is a college that isn't understanding at all about Chapter 33 they wanted their money or were kicking me out of school. VA needs to do something such as a deferment or something, because people don't have thousands of dollars lying around to pay tuition then a few hundred more to pay for books, most of us have children, a lot of us are single parents trying to go to college to provide better for our children and ourselves. I just regret ever changing to the Post 9/11 GI BILL!

  14. Oh yeah, I was told by the college VA rep just to wait it out until October 2, 2009 to file for an advanced pay, but I didn't because I was expecting to be paid by the first as I were told by the VA rep that I've been speaking to since August about payment. October 1, 2009 came around I never received anything, now I'm pushing up on October 15, 2009 the other date I were told, still account empty. I just know next time I begin college, I won't give up a career to go to school full-time to focus 100% on my studies. I just know to continue working, even if I have to be burnt out for a few months until the so called Post 9/11 GI BILL kicks in for sure!

  15. I have not received one cent from the VA and I filed my paperwork the first day the new G.I. bill was available. I got my certification in July. I know there are more people in this situation because my school has recently started to act responsible, by deciminating information regarding the hickup at the VA.

    A buddy of mine filed his paperwork after me and got certified later than I did, but he started receiving his money at the end of september.

    So I doubt there is an appropiate system in place and they're probably doing it alphabetically because my last name is at the very end.

    I feel bad for the vets that are really suffering but the $3000 emergency funds are available supposedly so they should take advantage of it.

    Good luck my fellow service people I feel like this is a gamble and the govt is rolling the dice.

  16. The VA is not even processing payments for dependents. We were told 12 to 16 weeks at the earliest. That should bring us into next semester! Our paperwork was all in this summer.

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