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Friday, September 18, 2009

VA warns of prescription telemarketing scam

Yesterday, VA issued a formal warning about a telemarketing scam targeting veterans who receive prescriptions through the VA. The recent scam was brought to VA's attention by the veterans' service community.

To read VA's release, Click Here.

The scam asks veterans for credit card information over the phone, purporting that VA's prescription policies have changed and that VA is updating information.

VA Under Secretary for Health Dr. Gerald Cross said that the policies have not changed and that VA does not solicit personal information over the phone. Cross also called the plot an "inexcusable scam" that dishonors the service of America's veterans and the mission of the VA.

If you have received these calls or if you have questions about VA's prescription policies, VA advises you to call the local VA Medical Center or the national hot line at 1-877-222-8387.


  1. Hi,

    People should be careful about such scams. One should not divulge personal details like bank account details and other confidential details over phone. You can get information Credit Cards safety and other consumer related concerns over internet. All telemarketing calls are not scams ,you can get to know valuable information on latest products in the market.

  2. An interesting scam, people should always be careful. However I have my own company and use telemarketing, which has helped a lot.