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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Executive Order Authorizes Expanded Initiative for Veterans' Federal Employment

The night before Veterans Day, President Obama signed an executive order authorizing an expanded program for veterans seeking federal employment. Leaders from the departments of Labor, Veterans Affairs, Defense and Homeland Security explained the new Federal Government Veterans Employment Initiative and how departments across the federal government will work to ensure more veterans are hired for civil service jobs.

AMVETS and the nation's other leading veterans' service organizations were on hand to hear details on the new program after calling for improved outreach efforts to unemployed and transitioning veterans in the wake of staggering unemployment figures among Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.

Deputy Veterans Affairs Secretary Scott Gould explained that veterans already possess many of the skills that civil service employees need to succeed.

The new federal government initiative will expand beyond the traditional five and 10 point advantages in resume consideration to help match veterans' skill sets with civil service positions.

The Office of Personnel Management will use current veterans' employment figures across the federal government as a baseline from which to measure success, and OPM Director John Berry assured the assembled veterans' advocates and media that the program will succeed, considering the level of accountability and commitment directly from the White House.

(Photo: Deputy Veterans Affairs Secretary Scott Gould explains VA's role in the Federal Government Veterans Employment Initiative. Photo by Ryan Gallucci.)

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