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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Live from Capitol Hill: Senate Discusses G.I. Bill; House Roundtable on PTSD, TBI

This morning, the Senate Committee on Veteran Affairs will host a hearing on potential improvements to the Post-9/11 G.I. Bill, which AMVETS has been calling for since last summer when the new benefits took effect.

Some of the improvements AMVETS has called for include expansion of benefits for mobilized National Guard troops on Title 32 orders, increased equity in benefits for students attending private universities, living stipend benefits for full time online students, and increased access to vocational training outside of traditional colleges and universities.

This morning, the House Committee on Veterans Affairs is also hosting a roundtable discussion on treating the invisible wounds of war--post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, and traumatic brain injury, or TBI. The committee has brought together leaders within the health care industry alongside Department of Defense and VA officials to discuss the issues.

To view a list of this morning's participants in the roundtable, Click Here. To view live video starting at 10 a.m., Click Here.

AMVETS National Commander Duane J. Miskulin made addressing the invisible wounds of war his top personal priority for his year in office and AMVETS National Deputy Legislative Director Christina Roof will be on hand for the roundtable. To read about Miskulin's chief initiative to address these invisible wounds and the broader reintegration issues faced by today's veterans through AMVETS Warrior Transition Workshops, Click Here. '

American Veteran will follow both of these hearings closely. For updates, check back later.

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