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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Gary Sallade, National Chaplain, Spring 2012 American Veteran Column

A friend of mine was at the dentist recently and told me that while undergoing the usual poking, prodding and drilling, his dentist told him that he was tired of being a dentist and wanted to do something else for the rest of his life.  My friend said, “But you have been a dentist for 30 years,” and the dentist said, “Yes, I know, but I really want to do something different now.”  My friend told me he thought to himself, this guy sticking a needle in my jaw doesn’t want to do this anymore!  Later, I thought about what he said.  How many of us have the opportunity to do what we love for our whole working life? I would guess not many.  Confucius said, “Find a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”  A lot of us, maybe most, took a job because we had to make a living and earn a salary so we could survive, but it wasn’t necessarily the job or the work we wanted to do.  While all our situations are different, I think the good Lord knew that we might need something other than our work to fulfill us as human beings.  The Bible encourages us in Deuteronomy and Galatians to fill our lives by serving God and others.  Mankind measures a life in years; God measures it in opportunities taken to be of service to others.  Your time off from work can become the most joyous and fulfilling time that you have.  AMVETS can be the service opportunity that fills that time.  Since most of us can’t be involved in our AMVETS service projects while we are at work, we can utilize our “time off” by active, productive service through our AMVETS family.  I encourage you, regardless of vocation, to find one area of service that you can do.  It is out there if you look for it and if you ask God to lead you.  Spending your life in service is a life well spent!  Oh, and by the way, the dentist who didn’t want to be a dentist anymore wants to work at a golf course! FORE!   

Luke 6:38
Malachi 3:10

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