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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Vets 4 Warriors

 Vets 4 Warriors is a toll-free support line for National Guard and Reserve service members and veterans. In a war that has redefined the role of the National Guard and Reserve units, additional resources are needed to assist these individuals with the stress of deploying and engaging in new arenas on the battlefield. Available 24 hours a day, Vets 4 Warriors has a staff fully comprised of veterans. These peer counselors understand military issues and can relate to a caller in a way that a civilian counselor cannot. Speaking from experience, the counselors can easily communicate to service members. They provide financial counseling, legal advice, medical services, and more while also helping connect the service member to resources in their community. Resources are often community based since service members often do not want to seek help on board a military installation. Also, National Guard service members and reservists may not live close to a base and require resources and programs closer to home. Counselors will follow up with callers if requested to do so, allowing service members to report progress and ask more questions.

Another great aspect of Vets 4 Warriors program is their confidentiality policy. Callers can choose to remain anonymous, but if they provide their name and other details the peer counselor will not report any components of the conversation to the military, the VA, or other individuals. This allows the stigma of asking for help to disappear, enabling more service members to utilize this resource.

To access the peer support line, call 1-855-VET-TALK (1-855-838-8255), or visit

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