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Friday, August 10, 2012

Convention Update: Friday, Aug. 10, 2012

The following names were nominated for National Officer Positions:
Various NSF Trustee positions: PNC Duane Miskulin, PNC Jerry Hotop, PNC J.P. Brown III, PNC John Sisler, PNC Jimmy T. Smith
National Judge Advocate: Joseph Sulzer
National Provost Marshal: Art Majors
National Finance Officer: William Noltner, Harold Chapman, John Cooper, and Donald Stream
National Second Vice Commander: Bill Clark and Larry Via
National First Vice Commander: John Mitchell
National Commander: Cleve Geer

Air Force Reserve Capt. Nicole Mitchell spoke to AMVETS leaders and members at the 68th Annual AMVETS National Convention on Thursday, Aug. 9. Mitchell was a meteorologist with the Weather Channel before she was terminated after disputes regarding her commitment to her military service. The Weather Channel executives claimed Mitchell’s military service interfered with her ability to successfully work at the television station.
Mitchell discussed how numerous veterans encounter harassment in the civilian workforce for serving in the military. These Reservists often hide their military service for fear that this part of their lives could negatively impact their career.
“No one should ever have to hide their military service,” said Mitchell. “No one should have to face harassment for serving one’s country or choose between military service and a career.” Mitchell joined the military when she was 17 and has currently served for more than 20 years in the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve. Mitchell, who comes from a military family, talked about how she refused to compromise her military service and thanked AMVETS members for supporting active duty service members and veterans in their fight against veteran discrimination.
“No one should have to be put in this situation for serving their county,” said Mitchell. She is currently pursuing a lawsuit against the Weather Channel for unrightfully terminating her, claiming the NBC Company violated the Uniformed Service Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA).

Maj. Gen. Keith Thurgood, Deputy Commanding General and Chief of Staff of the Army Reserve, touched upon programs that are being offered to help service members transition from military service to the civilian workforce. Thurgood touched upon the Yellow Ribbon program, Soldiers For Life program, and Heroes For Hire. Heroes For Hire provides assistance to transitioning military personnel and their spouses. Many service members have difficulty translating their skills in a resume and finding a job to support their families. Heroes For Hire provides resources to service members and asks businesses to hire veterans.
“The military does two things,” said Maj.Gen. Thurgood. “It grows leaders and delivers results.” Thurgood encouraged AMVETS to support initiatives like Heroes For Hire and the Yellow Ribbon program in order to ensure service members are counted as valuable assets in the civilian workforce.
(Photos: Top: Capt. Nicole Mitchell, USAFR, shakes hands with AMVETS National Commander Gary L. Fry after delivering remarks today on the floor of the 68th Annual AMVETS National Convention in Daytona Beach, Fla. Bottom: Maj. Gen. Keith Thurgood addresses AMVETS members at the 68th Annual AMVETS National Convention.  Photos by Brittany Barry)

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  1. Good luck to CPT Mitchell, keep up the fight. I too am in a similar situation with a USERA case for my eployer who determined "I was gone to long" when I was mobilized in Baghdad. Sad that my employer was the US Govt!