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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Convention Update: Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Currently, there are 54 Sad Sack groups and 16 Sackette groups that exist across the country. In order to boost membership, National AMVETS Saddest Douglas Bowen suggested opening up Sad Sacks membership to individuals in the Ladies Auxiliary and Sons of AMVETS. This measure is not meant to take away members from Sackette groups, and will only be open to members of the Ladies Auxiliary when a Sackette group does not exist in the individual’s area. Other members of the subordinate organization committee agreed that this initiative will hopefully attract new members to Sad Sacks and Sackettes.
Other new business included the new, amended Junior AMVETS constitution. The age eligibility for national officers was lowered to 13 to accommodate posts with younger aged children who would like to be considered for a National Junior AMVETS officer position.

The Gold Star Dads of America was a topic of discussion during the Community Service Committee meeting. While the committee members had not heard of the organization before, the Gold Star Dads of America is the counterpart organization of Gold Star Mothers of America.
“Every dad may not be in a marriage,” commented Debbera Ransom, a committee member. “They need support also.” The Gold Star Dads of America allow fathers to join together and offer support, camaraderie, and advice to other fathers.
Also during the committee meeting, National Programs Director Beryl Love introduced a new tool to help posts find community service opportunities. By visiting an individual can search for opportunities based on city, state, or zip code. This allows posts to assess the needs in the community and also connect with other individuals who may not know about AMVETS. The website aids posts in discovering new opportunities in their area. Community service promotes our great organization and allows members of the community to see AMVETS actively participate and address the needs of veterans, military families, and other community members.

(Photos: Top: National AMVETS Riders Juniors Liaison Joseph E. Grohs and National Saddest Douglas Bowen discuss opening Sad Sacks to members of other subordinate organizations. Bottom: Gary Maddock and Debbera Ransom listen to National Programs Director Beryl Love introduce a new tool in connecting AMVETS with community service projects at the Community Service Committee meeting. Photos by Brittany Barry)

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