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Monday, May 11, 2009

Phil Packer's Marathon for Britain's Wounded Warriors

Last week, AMVETS received a media inquiry from, asking about American troops who had been wounded serving in Iraq. The story, which ran throughout the last week on CNN International and highlighted the journey of British Maj. Phil Packer, who was seriously wounded in Iraq and told he would never walk again. Here is video courtesy of CNN.

Packer set out to complete the 2009 Flora London Marathon to raise one million pounds for Britain's wounded warriors. At the steady pace of two miles per day with the assistance of crutches, Packer completed his marathon over the weekend. He was greeted with cheers from his fellow service members, and wounded warriors from around the world.

The marathon was the second piece of three physical challenges for Packer in his quest to raise one million pounds for the non-profit Help for Heroes. He has already successfully rowed across the English Channel, and next month, he will attempt to climb the El Capitan rock formation in California's Yosemite National Park. Packer remains about 170,000 pounds short of his goal. Those interested in donating to the cause should visit Packer's official Web site to learn more.

Packer's story is a true inspiration for the thousands of American and allied troops seriously injured in Iraq, and it was an honor to be included in the dialogue.

(Video: CNN package about Maj. Phil Packer's accomplishments and his new goals. Used with permission.)

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