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Friday, May 29, 2009

VA launches Web site for college mental health counselors

This week, the VA launched a new Web site offering teaching aides for college mental health counselors to address the issues student-veterans may face.

The new site notes that VA has recognized mental health issues among recently-returned Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. As more veterans seek to take advantage of their new G.I. Bill benefits this fall, college mental health counselors must be prepared to properly address the issues for which student-veterans may seek counseling.

Currently, the site offers links to presentations on suicide prevention, PTSD training, and alcoholism.

The suicide prevention PowerPoint presentation is quick and matter-of-fact, and the PTSD 101 course is a mutli-faceted, in-depth analysis of the disorder, its causes, its prevalence among veterans, and potential treatment options.

The new Web site is a key first step in ensuring college campuses are able to meet the needs of veterans once the new G.I. Bill takes effect August 1. Hopefully, mental health counselors on college campuses will take advantage of these resources in order to provide adequate, timely assistance to veterans who need it.

(Image: Bridge from the VA's new mental health counseling page for student-veterans. Image is within the public domain.)

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