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Friday, May 8, 2009

Student-Veterans' Centers Remain Unfunded in Latest Department of Education Budget

Yesterday, the Department of Education released an itemized budget proposal for FY2010. However, the budget did NOT include the proposed $10 million provision to assist schools in commissioning student-veteran "centers of excellence."

To view the department's summary of Higher Ed provisions, Click Here.

Last summer, AMVETS played an integral role in passing a provision in the Higher Education Opportunity and Affordability Act allowing the Federal Government to commission grants to colleges and universities to open student-vets' centers.

The provision can be found in Title VIII, Part T, Section 873 of the bill entitled, "Centers of Excellence for Veteran Student Success"

Here's a GovTrack link to the text of the Higher Ed bill.

It was the hope of AMVETS that the Department of Education would view this as an important step in ensuring the academic success of our student-veterans, with the Post-9/11 G.I. Bill set to roll out in August.

AMVETS started to muster support in Congress to include funding for Title VIII Part T in the FY2010, and even circulated a "Dear Colleague" Letter with the support of Texas Rep. Ruben Hinojosa and Delaware Rep. Mike Castle.

Now more than ever it is important to let our representatives in Congress know that we support student-veterans' centers of excellence on campuses nationwide. AMVETS asks that you write to your representative and tell them that we support funding for Title VIII Part T of the 2008 Higher Education Act, Centers of Excellence for Veteran Student Success.

This is a small investment in our nation's future leaders, and will prove to be a TRUE stimulus in a time of economic strife.

With passing the new G.I. Bill, we ensured that our newest generation of veterans could go to college. Student-vets' centers will ensure that they graduate.

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