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Thursday, July 2, 2009

BREAKING: U.S. Soldier Captured in Afghanistan

This morning, the U.S. military publicly acknowledged that a U.S. Army soldier went missing on Tuesday night in Afghanistan.

This afternoon, CNN reported that the soldier had been captured by "low-level militants" along with three Afghan soldiers. The American was subsequently sold to an anti-American war lord Siraj Haqqani and the Taliban claims he is being held in a "safe location."

Though the Pentagon confirms that the soldier's family has been notified, the soldier's name remains unavailable to the public.

Nevertheless, the thoughts and prayers of AMVETS' leaders go out to the missing soldier and his loved ones as they cope with this ordeal.

Today, there remains one additional soldier listed as missing, Army Sgt. Ahmed Altaie, an Iraqi expatriate who disappeared while visiting with family in Iraq. As always, AMVETS calls on the Pentagon and the Department of State to do everything within their power to bring all of our missing soldiers home safely.

Check back with American Veteran Online for updates as this story develops.

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