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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Senate takes another step toward advance VA funding

Last night, the Senate subcommittee for military construction and VA appropriations approved the FY2010 budget, which includes a provision for advance appropriations. AMVETS leaders applauded the subcommittee's swift action in an effort to provide sufficient, timely and predictable funding to the VA.

The bill, which will now go before the full committee for a vote, sets aside more than $48 billion for medical services, support and facilities to be available Oct. 1, 2010, the start of FY2011.

The Obama Administration has indicated that it would support advance VA funding. However, Military Times reports that several logistical hurdles must be addressed before advance funding can take effect.

For years, AMVETS has been calling on Congress to overhaul the VA funding mechanism. AMVETS leaders will continue to work with lawmakers to ensure that advance VA appropriations becomes a reality.

The committee could vote on the budget as early as this week. Check back with American Veteran Online for updates.

To view the committee's press release, Click Here.

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  1. Will the National Guard be left behind again? The current trend has been to de-activate the National Guard (from Title 10 back to Title 32) and then, the poor Guardsman has very little help available. This practice is despicable. There is no medical retirement from the National Guard. The National Guard is fully integrated into the active component and should get the exact same benefits. The second class status of the National Guard has to end.