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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cmdr. Hapner's Visit to the Front Lines

Last week, AMVETS National Commander John C. Hapner had the opportunity to visit troops serving on the front lines in Iraq. Hapner, along with leaders from other top veterans' organizations, took part in a Department of Defense informational visit, which was designed to ensure that the veterans' community has a complete picture of the situations molding our newest generation of combat veterans.

AMVETS recently highlighted Hapner's trip overseas and lessons-learned on the official AMVETS Web site.

Department of Defense photographers furnished several photos from Hapner's visit, which American Veteran online is happy to share with our readers:

(Above: Cmdr. Hapner, second from right, met with NATO forces training the Iraqi National Police. DoD photo, released.)

(Above: Cmdr. Hapner, right, traveled via Blackhawk helicopter in the requisite body armor and kevlar, while visiting troops on forward operating bases across Iraq. DoD photo, released.)

Since returning from Iraq, Cmdr. Hapner has once again hit the road to visit with AMVETS across the country. However, Hapner seized the opportunity to shoot dozens of photos chronicling his experiences while in Iraq. Once Hapner returns to National Headquarters in Lanham, Md., American Veteran Online will share additional photos from Commander's personal collection.

(Top Photo: Cmdr. Hapner, second from right, poses for a photo alongside one of the remaining portraits of ousted Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. Characatures of Hussein were omnipresent in cities and towns across Iraq prior to the U.S. invasion in 2003. DoD photo, released.)

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