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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Live from Convetion: Secretary Shinseki addresses AMVETS delegation

This afternoon, VA Secretary Eric Shinseki addressed the national delegation of AMVETS on the convention floor.

Shinseki took a moment to discuss the compelling history of AMVETS and the vision of the founders, who first met even before WWII had ended.

Shinseki applauded the foresight of the organization, which has evolved considerably over the first 65 years to meet the needs of all veterans.

Louisiana Veterans Affairs Secretary Lane Carson also spoke to the delegation. Carson, a Vietnam veteran and a member of AMVETS, thanked the organization for its hard work over the years; work that is very personal in nature. Carson credits AMVETS with looking out for his best interest when he returned from overseas.

Both secretaries Shinseki and Carson also took the time to address the VA Medical Center issue in New Orleans. The city has been without a flagship facility for four years. A new center was approved, but disputes have delayed the program.

Shinseki assured AMVETS and New Orleans veterans that, "we will build this hospital."

Shinseki also took the time to discuss the Obama Administration's agenda to improve the VA--an agenda AMVETS supports. Shinseki discussed the Administration's drastic increase in VA funding as well as the push to authorize advance appropriations for VA health care.

To read more about Shinski's speech, check back with tomorrow morning. For all your convention updates, check back regularly with American Veteran Online.

(Photos: Top: Shinseki discusses the history of AMVETS on the floor of the national convention. Bottom: Carson discusses his personal experiences with AMVETS on the floor of the national convention. Photos by Jay Agg.)

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