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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

POLL: Does PTSD Talk Hurt Vets Seeking Work?

In April, when the Washington Post introduced its "Impact of War" blog, I asked whether all the media attention on the invisible wounds of war--particularly post-traumatic stress disorder--hurt veterans in the job hunt. To read the posting, Click Here.

Over the years, all the attention to PTSD has encouraged thousands of veterans dating back to WWII to finally seek the care they need to silence the demons of war.

However, recently-returned Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are facing record unemployment and reports of passive discrimination within the interview process have surfaced connected to the perception of instability among today's returning war fighters.

Does the public truly understand our veterans and the realities of PTSD, or has all the attention only perpetuated the stereotype of the "crazy veteran?" Let us know what you think by clicking below! free polls
Does media attention on PTSD hurt veterans in the job hunt?
Yes No

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1 comment:

  1. Some veteran groups don't care about PTSD . Take the R.I. Chapter #9 Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association. These so called veterans would not let a combat Vietnam veteran join their ranks even though this veteran met every qualification in their by laws in order to join. He was judged by the state rep who is a Iraq veteran like he was judged by the U.S. population when he came back from Vietnam. This state rep and his many followers in the R.I. CVMA showed this Vietnam combat veteran no respect what so ever. Their motto is supposed to be veteran helping veterans but it should be veterans putting down veterans. Some disgusting actions never change.