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Monday, June 7, 2010

Spring Issue of American Veteran Now Online

The latest issue of American Veteran magazine is now available online, featuring Sen. Al Franken, HBO's "The Pacific," the landmark veterans' caregiver bill, post highlights and more! To read the spring issue, Click Here.

For the first time, the online edition of American Veteran features an audio option, allowing visually-impaired veterans to enjoy the magazine from cover to cover.

(Image: Cover art for the spring issue courtesy of Owen Franken.)

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  1. Whats the deal with these veterans that ride motorcycles and wear a patch called "COMBAT VETERAN MOTORCYCLE ASSOCIATION?" I have a friend who lives in R.I. who is a VNAM VET but was in the rear with the gear and he belongs to this group. He never claimed to be a "COMBAT VET" but now he wears this big Motorcycle Club type patch saying he is. He also told me that R.I. Combat Veteran Motorcycle Association denied membership to a Vietnam Combat Veteran who earned the CIB with the 25th infantry Div. This VNAM combat veteran met all the qualifications to join this group but seems the days of discriminating against Vietnam veterans are not over. The so called COMBAT Veteran Motorcyclist who denied the Vietnam CIB wearing veteran membership was a paper pushing lifer in Iraq and doesn't even have a Combat Action Badge. These people claiming to be Combat Veterans is bogus from where I sit. Talk about STOLEN VALOR!!!

  2. springer, this guy who judged you for this Combat Veteran Motorcycle group should thank every Vietnam Vet who paved the way for veterans like him. What does the rest of the members feel about this? How many other Vietnam veterans are in that group ? Brings back memories of the late 60's and 70's which we fought to change but some never got the message it appears. Shame on the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association for letting actions like this happen. Sounds like they are trying to be a motorcycle club instead of a veteran association.