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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Symposium Update: July 9th Deadline for Participants

This week AMVETS leaders continue to prepare for this summer's AMVETS 2010 Symposium for 21st Century Veterans, taking place prior to the 66th annual AMVETS National Convention in Louisville, August 9-11, 2010. To register or to learn more about the symposium, Click Here.

AMVETS continues to confirm subject matter experts to lead discussions as part of the symposium and sign on key sponsors, and AMVETS National Headquarters continues to receive participant registrations for the three-day event.

To date, AMVETS Department of Ohio and Indiana AMVETS Post No. 99 lead the way in identifying participants, and AMVETS leaders encourage posts and departments to submit their registrations in early to ensure space, as AMVETS plans to host 100 veterans representing a broad spectrum of today's veterans community for this year's symposium.

Many AMVETS departments have chosen to wait until after the conclusion of state conventions to identify participants. With this in mind, AMVETS National Headquarters asks that all participants be identified and registered no later than Friday, July 9, 2010.

All participants' information should be submitted directly to AMVETS National Legislative Director Ray Kelley at

AMVETS is hosting the 2010 symposium as a follow-up to the 2006 National Symposium for the Needs of Young Veterans, which helped to identify hundreds of shortfalls in meeting the needs of the newest generation of American veterans.

Many problems identified in 2006 have been remedied as a result of the symposium, however, new issues have arisen and many problems persist. With this in mind, AMVETS leaders decided to hold a follow-up to ensure continued progress.

American Veteran will keep you posted as we move closer to the symposium. We will also be on hand to cover the event in August. Check back regularly for updates.

(Images: Top: Official logo for the 2010 AMVETS Symposium for 21st Century Veterans. Bottom: Veterans register for the 2006 National Symposium for the Needs of Young Veterans in Chicago.)

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