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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This Week at American Veteran

This week at American Veteran, we are in full convention mode, preparing for the 66th annual AMVETS National Convention, taking place next week at the Galt House in Louisville, Ky. During this year's convention, AMVETS is also hosting its 2010 Symposium for 21st Century Veterans.

American Veteran will be on hand bringing you up-to-the-minute updates from the convention floor, the symposium business sessions, and the 2010 AMVETS Expo, featuring dozens of exhibitors looking to serve the veterans' community.

As we reported last week, the latest issue of American Veteran magazine has gone to print. We will bring you a preview of the new issue shortly, which features stories on POW/MIA recovery, wounded warrior services, and the latest news from around the AMVETS community. In the meantime, be on the look-out for the summer issue of American Veteran in your mailbox, featuring golf legend Jack Nicklaus, who recently helped to design the new American Lake Veterans Golf Course in Washington.

This week, Congress adjourned for the summer district work period, but that does not mean that the work stops on Capitol Hill for AMVETS. AMVETS legislative team continues to work with staffers to advance critical legislation to better serve our veterans, such as the new proposal to update the Post-9/11 G.I. Bill, continued discussions on how to alleviate the VA claims backlog, and new potential legislation to better serve disabled veterans using assistance animals.

As always, we're eager to hear your comments, so please feel free to post on any of the threads you see on this blog.

We look forward to seeing each of you at convention this year in Louisville. We'll be the ones with the giant camera, so be sure to smile.

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  1. What do you people call a COMBAT VETERAN? I hear all kinds of BS about this from a vet who served in a war zone (VFW member) no matter what job the vet had, to a vet who earned a combat badge or award. To me these veterans who claim to be combat veterans and are not are guilty of stolen valor. Be like me claiming to be a Green Beret or a Navy Seal when I was never either. What is your and your readers oppinion on this issue.

  2. Easy enough.. A combat veteran was actually seeking out the enemy or in danger of continual contact with the enemy, whether it be on the ground in the air or on water. I know what you are talking about though because combat veteran today has lost its meaning. For example this definition of combat veteran:
    Definition of a Combat Veteran

    Service in a combat theater by land, air, or sea, reciept of a combat medal, receipt of imminent danger, hostile fire pay, or tax benefits defines one as a combat veteran of the United States.

    Combat Veterans of the United States

    I don't agree with that at all. Hell, support troops in Kuwait or Jordan etc. got combat pay, they also had air conditioned billets, PX'S, Cell phone use, computors, satellite TV and more. Does one call them a combat veteran? I think not. They are war veterans who could join the VFW or have a war veteran number plate but a combat veteran, I do not buy and never will. See your point on stolen valor, google combat veteran.

  3. Ran across this one where all a member has to do to be considered a combat veteran in the combat veteran motorcycle club, is be a veteran or foreign war/VFW
    A combat veteran is a lot different than a rear echilon veteran or support veteran. Today is all volunteer and if most wanted to be a combat soldier than they could volunteer to be one. Why would anyone want to call themselves combat veteran when they are not? Why would one want to bull sh&t about this?

  4. Shame on Veterans treating a Vietnam Veteran the way Mr. Marabello was treated. The dues that this Veteran paid upon returning home from Vietnam like we all did is the reason why the Veteran’s of today are treated with honor and respect.
    Let me set the record straight here these Veterans need to apologize to Mr.Marabello in a public setting not behind closed doors. They will have to go a long way before they gain my respect. Respect and integrity go to those that stood behind Mr. Marabello.
    That is Veterans helping Veterans. This VFW state commander still needs to apologize for the false statements made by him. Mr. Marabello has my vote for a good job done for Veterans. Keep up the good work because there are a lot of true veterans that support your cause.