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Monday, August 23, 2010

This Week at American Veteran

After a very successful AMVETS National Convention and 2010 Symposium for 21st Century Veterans, American Veteran Online is back in action this week.

Through all of the work in Louisville, AMVETS managed to compile significant information about the ever-changing needs of today's veterans community, which will now be used to compile a final report to be published in October.

This week, American Veteran will also bring you reaction to two recent court rulings that rattled the veterans' community--the Missouri ruling striking down the state's ban on military funeral protests and the Colorado ruling striking down the Stolen Valor Act. AMVETS leaders have advocated for both the protection of grieving military families and the prosecution of phony veterans.

This week, we will also highlight recent efforts of AMVETS Legislative Department pressing VA to codify service dog guidelines for health care facilities nationwide. AMVETS National Deputy Legislative Director Christina Roof worked with the office of Congressman Ron Klein (D-Fla.) to draft a letter to VA Secretary Eric Shinseki, asking VA to close a loop hole that only allows "seeing eye dogs" on VA facilities. We will bring you updates as this story develops.

We will also discuss the latest issue of American Veteran magazine, which is now available online. The latest issue brings with it new digital features, such as RSS feeds and podcasts of the full text. We will highlight each of these new features, plus preview this summer's stories.

As always, we're eager to hear from you, our readers. We hope to continue highlighting the work of AMVETS posts and departments around the country, so please keep sending your submissions and post your comments.

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