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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

President to Sign Historic Veterans' Caregiver Bill

This afternoon, AMVETS National Executive Director Jim King will join President Barack Obama and the nation's other leading veterans' organizations at the White House for the signing of the historic Caregivers and Veterans Omnibus Health Services Act.

The landmark bill, for which AMVETS has advocated for more than a year, establishes a new program for VA which will finally offer training, living stipends and respite care for veterans' family members tasked with caring for their wounded loved one.

The bill also includes new provisions providing improved care for women veterans and rural/remote veterans--two of AMVETS' top legislative priorities for 2010.

Though the bill represents a compromise between the House and Senate, only offering caregiver assistance for Iraq and Afghanistan-era veterans, AMVETS leaders see the bill as a critical first step in ensuring comparable care for all generations of veterans.

AMVETS National Legislative Director Ray Kelley said AMVETS will continue to push for equity in the new benefit, but that the current caregiver plan represents a significant step in improving the quality and effectiveness of care that VA offers to today's wounded warriors.

As always, please let us know what you think of today's historic signing and the continued fight to improve care for America's veterans.

(Video: President Barack Obama signs the landmark veterans' caregiver bill at the White House. Official White House video, released.)

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  1. Thank you AMVETS for keeping watch, and fighting for Veterans when needed. I am one veteran who appreciates your hard work. Keep our Government honest! Best regards - Michael Johnson (SCPO Ret. USN)

  2. This is a great bill for our veterans. I also liked the things that were in the GI bill Obama signed last year including improving military housing and body armor for our men and women fighting for us.

  3. May I ask where a person can get the details of the bill? I am a co-founder of Soldiers And Families First, a 501 C3 Charitable Organization that helps military, their families, and veterans. We seem to see lots of needs with the veterans coming home today, especially NG and Reserve veterans.
    I am very excited as my husband and I are joining AMVETS in Dolan Springs, AZ. The folks there are very nice. Thank you for all you do to help veterans! Hooah!
    Debra and David I Craig